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Virtual server rental services - VPS

Pontkom Studio Ltd.
Virtual server rental services - VPS

The stable Information Technology background is essential for smooth operation of any company. Unfortunately, according to experiences, many enterprises not pay necessary attention for using quality and flexible server service. This can be lead to loss of data due to server downtime.

The traditional dedicated servers in many cases provide a service that can not keep pace with the dynamic needs of the ever-growing firms. Consequently, the virtual server is a worth choosing, because with this service you can solve the mentioned tasks to serve short and long-term development of your business.

What is the reason that quality hosting service is so important?

The foundation of your business environment is a server service, which is responsible to store of data as well as accessibility of your company’s information technology tools. It is no doubt, that the server – as a high-end computer above the other workstations – essentially observes your whole company. So it is very important choosing such a server provider, who can secure your company’s information from illegal persons.

What are the benefits of our virtual servers?

Nowadays, more and more tasks of businesses are outsourced. It can be the external hired workers makes the accounting of your business or does the admin services with helping of computers which is not located in your company.

Today – thanks for the developing of the technology – the server operation and facilities became such a task, which can be doable the far from premise of your company. Therefore, it is not necessary that server present physically within your business. In this case the operation your business IT system and storing your computers data occurs from server room.

Here are the 3 main reasons that worth to choosing virtual server (VPS) service of Pontkom Studio Ltd:
  • Security
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
These benefits refer to creating overall IT environment of your company. Similarly, using the VPS you will save your company time and money. Get to know in detail the advantages offered by the VPS service!

Security – Forget about dedicated servers!

There is no doubt, that the IT systems can be considered as highly-development frameworks. However, the unexpected server downtime can be happened at any time. Since the dedicated servers contains all information on one computer, in this case of failure can be catastrophic to your company. Moreover, even if it is possible to get back your loss data, the process of complete recovery could take hours or days!
  • The Pontkom Studio develops the virtualization in terms of maximum security and High Availability (HA).
  • We only use excellent quality tools that ensure to continued reliability of the VPS service. Our servers having indeed, 99.99 per cent availability.
  • The professional software environment is created based on Citrix XenServer.
  • We are able to guarantee the continuous and trouble-free operation with helping of DELL, EMC, CISCO and MikroTik hardwares.
  • We use DELL serves and EMC data storage systems, which may provide fast and reliable support to our clients, even in the case of problems.
  • We use never failing Fibre Channel tools, which can be considered a better solution than less reliable iSCSI infrastructure. The professional Fibre Channel provides more reliable and faster access and data link (4Gbps - 16Gbps) speed.
  • Our tools are located at data central of GTS Hungary Ltd., where storing data is carried out in the compliance with the highest security requirements.
  • We are not reselling by foreign service, so we have a complete equipment to ensure the necessary software and hardware support to our clients.
  • We can guarantee the persistent security thanks to our professional software and hardware environment, and uninterrupted (24/7/365) operator and system engineering supervision.

Cost-effectiveness – Our servers can be hired from one month to years

Our company is trying to find a best and more comfortable solution for customer in every respect. We are aware that nowadays are more and more frequent the project works, which only temporarily require for grater storage space. It also may happen that you want to test new application, which needs a greater capacity for a short time. Taking all this into account, we developed a solution that is flexible in responding to our customer’s needs.
  • You do not have to commit yourself for the virtual server rental, because it is possible to rent a VPS service for both one month period and permanently.
  • We ensure to beneficial service prices, because of lower license costs of VPS opposite to dedicated servers. It means, it is possible to rent a server for a price below 10 000 HUF monthly fee.
  • Similarly, we can provide our different bandwidth packages at competitive prices.
  • We ensure an unlimited data traffic to our clients during the time period of our service
  • We offer the safest attainable data storage thanks to making overall backup from your website.

Flexibility – Ready to challenge with professional VPS!

As many moments of business life, the key of success is flexible in terms of IT system’s operation and development. It does not matter, what is the size of your company, because during the operation, the amount of information generated. Therefore, the process and storage of ever-expanding amount data requires a large storage space. It means the dedicated servers will no longer sufficient capacity over time.
  • If you apply a VPS service in your company, you will protect yourself from time and money loss due to exchanging server.
  • Since the data storage of VPS is extended freely, it is developed easier than another type of servers.
  • You can use your company resources better thanks to independent operation from hardware as well as dynamically assigned to each of the devices.
  • If you use VPS, you do not have to take account of obsolescence of servers, because the VPS – which operates far from premise of your company – can be developed and reconfigured continuously. Therefore the VPS is capable to meet the latest technical requirements.

Pontkom Studio Ltd. – We offer the complete IT solutions!

The primarily field of activity of our company is the information technology. We deal with a professional IT services, with a particular part of the operation of servers and virtual servers. Our activity also includes in the provision of admin services, webdesign as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thereupon we can provide the complex IT solutions for small and medium businesses.

If you are interested in our services, click the http://www.xhu.hu/Kapcsolat/Pontkom-Studio-Kft.html page, in order to contact our staff.

We are confident that our quality VPS service is can contribute to the development and success of your business.

More info: http://www.xhu.hu/Tarhely/Webtarhely/vps.html